My name is Roșia Victor Ioan, born in 1954 in Sighișoara, a wonderful city. I am married and I have two boys that I am very proud of.

As an engineer, developed my professional experience in Sfântu Gheorghe, where I also currently live, together with my wife. I am passionate about painting since I was a teenager.

During 1979 - 1982 attended the courses of the Folk Art School in Sfântu Gheorghe, painting section.

I consider painting as a conversation with yourself, a friend, who respects you and who always gives you confidence in any situation. The lines, shapes, colors that appear all at once, are like initiations for the human mind. These concepts are received under the form of messages, vibrations and will always leave a mark to your soul, therefore are unique.

After 1989 I did Reiki, reflexology and therapeutic massage courses, always being fascinated by everything we represent, as a human person or as a source of energy. For past 25 years, the therapies I practiced are in harmony with the paintings that I make.

Most beautiful, most precious gift we receive when we born is the gift of love. When you love and give love, you feel how you shine and how you purify your soul. I’ve transposed all these senses into my paintings.


Thank you for reading these rows.

Hope my paintings bring you a lot of joy and spiritual fulfillment.

I wish you a wonderful day.